Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How does yooSEND work?

    You need to install the yooSEND application on your phone. You can add other devices (tablets, mobile, pc, mac) to your account.

    With yooSEND you can send files of all types and all sizes between all your devices and to other users but only by a simple selection.

  • Do I need a network connection for yooSEND to work?

    Yes, you need a strong connection to the Internet so that the yooSEND app can communicate with our servers.

    yooSEND uses whatever Internet connection is available on your device, whether that is WiFi or cellular.

  • Does yooSEND use my phone’s data plan? Will I be charged?

    Yes, if you are connected to the Internet via a cellular service, yooSEND will use your data plan. Your standard data plan rates will apply.

  • Does yooSEND want to use my location?

    No, yooSEND does not use your location to send files from one user to another, thus you can enjoy a longer life of your battery.

  • Is yooSEND secure?

    When we built yooSEND, our number one priority was creating the best possible user experience we could. Security of your personal information is a huge part of that experience.

    With yooSEND *you* are in control of deciding with whom you share your information. You don't have to worry about anyone being able to access your information unless you physically yooSEND your phone with someone else’s.

    Finally, we will never share any of your personal information with any third parties. Please see our privacy policy for more details. Our systems are encrypted.

  • How does yooSEND use the information in my phone's Contacts?

    A big part of yooSEND is sending and receiving contact information, so yooSEND obviously accesses contacts you choose to yooSEND to someone and also adds contacts you receive to the Contacts app on your phone.

    Also, whenever you want to send by yooSEND to someone new, the application uses the contacts in Contacts / phone book to show you what friends have joined yooSEND. You may opt out of this feature in the app's Settings.

  • Does yooSEND require that Bluetooth be activated also?

    Nope! yooSEND doesn't use Bluetooth to work at all; all you need is an internet connection.

  • Cool, but doesn't this only work between two Phones?

    No! yooSEND currently supports iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac OS, and works cross-platform between them all.

  • Wait, you are saying an Android phone can yooSEND an iPhone?

    You bet. Any two devices running yooSEND can send files to each other.

  • Will yooSEND be free forever?

    yooSEND is most useful when everyone else has it. We want to get yooSEND on to as many phones as possible so that no one ever has to manually type in a phone number or email address again. To this end, we plan to offer the free basic version of yooSEND near future, with limited traffic transfer.

  • Is yooSEND just for sharing my own contact information?

    yooSEND offers an effective way to do this: it will forward the contacts to all mobile devices attached. This way, friends can be easily discovered and you can send files right where you need to. yooSEND enables to you share photos with people who have yooSEND. It’s a social tool that helps you share and keep in touch with friends.

  • A friend of mine lives far away. Can I connect with her through yooSEND?

    YES. yooSEND just make like this to send files to your friend around the world, and people dont need to stand right next to you.

  • Does yooSEND allow ataching my other devices, such as ipad, ipod, PC, MAC, and share them with my friends?

    YES. yooSEND allow to share all your personal devices and your friends can see them and send file directly where you ask them to send.

  • Does yooSEND allow sending messages to my friends?

    No. This feature will be probably available in the next versions.

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