Send files securely and anonymously to anyone around the world!

1971 - Abhay Bhushan invented the File Transfer

2017 – yooSEND reinvented the way you connect to the world by file transfer service

Now it's easier than ever for anyone to find your profile and devices on the map. Moreover, we provide the most advanced and innovative way to share your photos, videos, music or large files with your friends.

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    No matter if you are a professional photographer / musician or you simply love to share your favorite HD movies, photos and other files with your family and friends, yooSEND is the perfect tool to do it on a professional level.

    Attach all of your devices using the yooSEND apps. Start with your phone!

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  • Desktop app

    After signing up with your phone, you can add other devices (tablets, mobile, pc, mac) to your account.

    With yooSEND you can send files of all types and all sizes between all your devices and to other users but only by a simple selection.

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What can yooSEND do for you?

If you look under the hood, yooSEND is a powerful and secure transfer system, with lots of cool features:

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    • Intuitive user experience, requires minimal training or IT
    • Send and Receive files
    • Drag & Drop support
    • Possibility to Accept or Deny incoming transfer
    • Best for sending JPGs, PDFs, MP3s
    • Backup all your files, projects or critical data
    • Backup contacts
    • Notifications
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    • NO advertising
    • NO credit card required
    • NO software to install
    • Upload entire folders
    • Send up to 50GB at a time
    • Send unlimited files at a time
    • Receive files on the device of your choice
    • Business exposure on the yooSEND map
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    • Device management (phones, tablets, PCs etc.)
    • Custom Branding (logo, website, phone, picture)
    • Choose your location on the yooSEND map
    • Secure file transfers inside your company
    • Dropbox integration
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    • BLAZINGLY fast file transfer
    • Transferring files never stops when switching between Wi-Fi, 4G or 3G
    • Support resuming for larger files
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    • Your own personal profile page, that you can share with anyone to receive files FREE for LIFE
    • Showcase your profile on the yooSEND map!

Proud to use...

File Transfer Service is really part of our daily routine, either you Share Movies, Music, Photos, Docs or Send Big Files and Store them to the Cloud!

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yooSEND is a life saver! Finally I'm able to send large files, videos and music between devices. I couldn't imagine my life without it.

Paul Rand