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Simplified Storage & Passive Income

Experience unmatched ease with Yoosend's storage solution. Dive into the delightful mix of user-friendly app features and exciting rewards. Transform your digital storage approach today.


Get Started with Yoosend

Simply download and set up the Yoosend app from your favorite app store. Kickstart your adventure with a unique starter NFT and nurture it into your personal key for unlocking more from Yoosend - be it space, XP, or coins.


Navigate with Ease

Savor the sleek design and functionality of our app. Seamlessly upload, manage, and retrieve your files. Sending and receiving files is a breeze with our streamlined system.


Reap the Benefits

Stay active, and the rewards keep coming. Collect XP (Experience Points) by navigating tasks and challenges, and watch as your NFT flourishes. Unlock bonuses like extra storage, coins, and rare items as you progress.

Our Technology

Immerse yourself in the next-generation of cloud storage with our state-of-the-art storage Qube. Take control of your data with ease and confidence, benefiting from exceptional capacity, distributed network, effortless setup, robust data protection, and energy-efficient performance.

Best in-class Standalone Storage Device

Large and rezilient storage capability
(up to 40TB of data storage)

Lightweight and robust material

Low power consumption

Silent cooling

Multi-chunk parallel file sync

Secure & Decentralized File Sync

Storage Economy

Renting Storage Space.
Purchase our Network-attached Storage box and share unused space to gain monetary rewards.

Hosting VPN Nodes.
Rent your unused bandwidth and extend your passive income stream.

Growing the Blockchain Hypercloud.
As our network expands, we are building the world's first storage cloud on the blockchain.

Advanced Data Protection

File Chunking
Files are split in small chunks and each chunk is stored on a separate server

Robust Backups
Each file chunk is duplicated across multiple servers, in our self-healing storage network

End-to-end encryption
All data is protected with Encryption at Rest and SSL/TLS Protocols

Discover the zenith of innovative storage and gamification combined into one groundbreaking app.

Your Centralized Dashboard

Manage your cloud space, Qube devices, community & NFTs in a single place.

Advanced Interactive Chat System

Interact with others, send files and folders or sell NFTs directly from within the chat screen.

Gamified Universe

Quests, items, and boosted earnings at your fingertips.

Experience the Unmatched Advantages of Our Cloud Storage Solution

When it comes to cloud storage, we stand head and shoulders above the competition, offering a range of unparalleled benefits that set us apart. Here's why we are the best:

Cutting-edge Custom Designed Servers:

Our revolutionary approach to storage combines advanced software with custom-designed servers. This unique combination optimizes performance, ensuring lightning-fast speeds and seamless access to your data.

Leading the Way in Decentralized Storage:

As pioneers in decentralized storage, we have built a robust network of storage boxes that spans multiple locations. This decentralized architecture guarantees high availability, improved data redundancy, and enhanced security for your valuable files.

Secure File Storage with Extra Benefits:

Unlike traditional cloud storage providers, we have introduced a groundbreaking revenue-sharing model. By completing challenges, earning XP and upgrading your NFT, you get bonuses that translate into real earnings.

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A platform for future needs, built on cutting-edge technologies.

Decentralized Storage

Revolutionizing data storage with a distributed network for enhanced security and reliability.

Seamless Collaboration

Effortlessly collaborate with others, sharing files, ideas, and creativity on a unified storage platform.

Earning Opportunities

Unlocking earning potential by completing tasks, leveling up, and upgrading your NFT.

Innovative Technology

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of cloud storage.

Our Roadmap

Q4, 2023

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Q1, 2024

Distributed Storage Unlocked

Q3, 2024

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VPN Services

Q1, 2025

Collaboration Features

Join the most impactful Decentralized Storage Network in the world.

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