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Sharing Economy for Storage

A new kind of storage environment where users can collectively participate in a sharing economy model, allowing individuals to share their storage space and fostering a collaborative ecosystem for enhanced accessibility, flexibility, and cost savings.

Empowering community-driven storage sharing

Become an integral part of the Hypercloud community and enjoy the benefits of collaborative storage. Share your unused space, engage in resource optimization, unlock rewards, and foster a sustainable ecosystem driven by the power of collective participation.

How to earn Yoosend Coins?

Discover additional ways to Earn Yoosend Coins and Maximize your Rewards

Task Completion and Achievement

Complete tasks, quests, and achievements within the app to earn Yoosend Coins and unlock exciting bonuses.

Community Growth Referral Program

Refer friends and family to join the Hypercloud and earn Yoosend Coins as a reward for expanding the community.

Engagement and Activity

Stay active on the Yoosend App, engage with the app's features, and participate in community events.

Participate in Exclusive Promotions

Take advantage of exclusive promotions and special offers within the Yoosend Hypercloud.

The Value of YC

Maximize the Potential of Yoosend Coins: Embrace the Versatility and Growth Opportunities

Embrace the chance to shape a blooming Future Economy with Yoosend Coins, the catalyst of Distributed Storage Hosting

Step into the Hypercloud universe and harness the power of Yoosend Coins: seamlessly engage in Earning Opportunities, enjoy in-app purchases, Secure Storage subscriptions, Stake your claim, and pave the way towards a potential future Coin Launch as the driving force of Storage Hosting and Renting Revolution.

Design Story

“ Designing the Yoosend Qube was an exhilarating and rewarding journey driven by a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and security.”

Bringing the Qube to life required a very innovative design process that involved both artificial intelligence and parametric 3D modeling. At Yoosend, we're more than just a tech company. We're a team of innovators, dreamers, and doers committed to redefining how the world interacts with data.

The distinctive pattern on the Qube's sides, inspired by the Yoosend logo, symbolizes data protection through encryption, deconstruction, and decentralization. Crafted from recyclable materials like aluminium using digital fabrication techniques, the Qube embodies the Yoosend's company values of innovation combined with sustainability.
We wanted the Qube to be an enigmatic object that represents the concept of a modern safe, so unusual that it appears to come from an alien spaceship. I must say that the final result, despite all the limitations that are an inherent part of any design project, translates this idea beautifully.

Designer's Bio:

Turi Cacciatore

Multi-disciplinary designer and software developer renowned for his expertise in various creative fields and cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printing and virtual reality. Turi contributed to Fiat's concept cars like the Fiat Ecobasic and the Fiat Trepiùno (today Fiat 500) and has collaborated with companies like Bulgari, Lamborghini, Pininfarina, Samsung, and Toyota, delivering projects with a high level of complexity and innovation. More information can be found on his website:

Green Carbon Commitment

We have committed to having a low carbon footprint

No power plant is needed to keep your files available.

We do not cut down trees to build large data centers

Combat climate change by avoiding unnecessary heat production

Energy-efficient servers deliver robust performance

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