The Future of Cloud Storage

In the era of big data, cloud storage has rapidly become an essential part of everyday life. We now depend on it to store our digital assets – from personal files, photographs, and multimedia to critical corporate data. Traditionally, this cloud storage is managed and maintained by a select few companies in vast centralized servers. But, the future of cloud storage is about to change.

At Yoosend, we're developing a ground-breaking technology that is on the verge of transforming how cloud storage operates – decentralized cloud storage. But what is decentralized cloud storage, and why is it the future?

Decentralized cloud storage is a significant departure from traditional cloud storage systems. Rather than storing data on a centralized server, it breaks up and distributes the data across a network of distributed servers located worldwide. Each server within this network operates independently yet collaboratively, akin to how a bee hive functions with each bee playing a vital role. This robust setup creates a highly resilient and efficient cloud storage system, that outperforms centralized cloud storage systems in security, reliability, and speed.

We design and build custom-made servers that contribute to this network. These servers, which are available for purchase, help support and grow our decentralized cloud storage. We believe in a collaborative relationship with our users. To foster this, we incentivize those who keep their servers operational and contribute to the network with exciting rewards, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits everyone involved.

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